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Kasa Card.

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#1 Xandir Ling

Xandir Ling
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Posted 19 June 2008 - 01:31 AM

Descriptions on RMS, in-game, on Truesource and on the RO Future Wiki all say that the card adds a 5% chance to auto-cast level 5 Fireball and another 5% chance to cast level 5 Fire Bolt when attacking, however, RMS, our database, and Truesource show the script as only having a 1% chance to activate for each skill.
RMS Description and Script
RO Future Wiki displaying that the card has a 5% chance, with no script.
Truesource saying that the card has a 5% chance, with 1% script.
Our database displaying the 1% auto-cast script.

This being the script RMS, Truesource, and our database displays.
{ bonus3 bAutoSpell,17,5,10; bonus3 bAutoSpell,19,5,10; },{},{}

I have tested this in-game and found that upon killing 5 mushrooms which is 75 attacks, I auto-casted Fireball once, and Fire Bolt nil times. I also found that upon killing various rooms full of Rockers, Martins, Mantis, Boas and Bigfoots, along with a few black mushrooms in Hidden Temple, I had auto-casted Fireball 3 times, and Fire Bolt once, 4 casts, from hundreds of attacks. This seems uncharacteristically low of a supposed 5% chance for each, I was wearing a Gokurin and cursing much more often (Gokurin has a now-fixed 10% curse chance.)

Taking into consideration the intended difficulty of the Kasa, which would logically boost the power of it's card, and that the chance that various different people mistranslated 1 for 5 in the description is quite slim, I think the chance should be increased to it's more likely intended 5% rate.
Which would be
{ bonus3 bAutoSpell,17,5,50; bonus3 bAutoSpell,19,5,50; },{},{}

tl;dr Kasa auto-cast chance is super duper low, it says it's supposed to be higher, fix plz.

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#2 Pretty like a girl

Pretty like a girl
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Posted 19 June 2008 - 08:49 PM

i think this is the case with a lot of new % chance to cast what ever skill cards. iv tested this on the RMS test server. Gazeti is the same way, and that card that casts level 5 fire bolt by 5% chance, i forget which one it is

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#3 sira


    ^the new Sira^

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Posted 19 June 2008 - 09:03 PM

meh i'd mess with the card myself, but unfortunately double cast with kasa so i havent messed with it, good find.
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